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Popcorn Kit 8 oz bag - Mega Pop - Corn and Butter-Flavor Oil Kit - 0g Trans Fat Dairy & Gluten Free

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Mega-Pop measured corn, salt and oil for 8 ounce kettles. Just drop in the kettle and you are ready to go. Very convenient and a great money saver. High quality kernels offer authentic "kettle crisp" buttery movie theater taste and quality for your home or business. MegaPop popcorn kits have no trans fats and are gluten free. Coconut oil creates the taste and aroma you love, and keeps your kettle clean too. Our measured portion pack popcorn saves money because your corn never dries out--you get the maximum expansion in every batch of corn you always have the correct corn to salt ratio.

Product: Mega-Pop Popcorn Kits for 8 Ounce Kettles
Kit Includes: Coconut Oil, Salt and Popcorn

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